Singer Janaki rejects Padmabhushan

Popular singer janaki decided not to accept the Padmabhushan conferred on her by the Govt of India yesterday. Speaking to media in Chennai after the Govt announced Padmabhushan award, Janaki said “I have been in Southern film industry for over 55 years and sand many difficult songs but still did not receive recognition from the Union Govt". She said Union Govt did undue delay in recognising her talent and expressed her unhappiness at the shabby treatment. She said even if she receives the award, it has no use or value. She blasted Central Govt for discriminating North and South and felt recognition for Southern artists is always late compared to their Northern counterparts. 

She said due to Centre’s undue favouritism and nepotism towards North, she is rejecting the award. She said if the Govt really wants to honour her then it should confer her ‘Bharat Ratna’.