Small Time Actress On Tollywood Casting Couch And Caste Feelings

Sri Reddy who appeared in small films like ‘Zindagi’, ‘Nenu Nanna Abaddam’ and ‘Aravind 2’ is hogging the headlines all of sudden with controversial comments. She is accusing Tollywood on Caste Fanaticism and Casting Couch for not allowing Telugu native heroines to thrive.

She alleged that heroines particularly those from Telugu background have to ‘satisfy’ the heroes and directors to get chances. She even alleged that Heroes send them to Politicians to sleep and satisfy if they were to get chances in films. “This is the reason why no Telugu heroine got better offers after Laya. Even Colours Swathi had to go to other industries to get offers,” she accused.

She also questioned why Pawan Kalyan who acts responsibly never asks his producers to give chances to native heroines. She also accused Pawan Kalyan fans of torturing her. “If I would not have left my self-respect behind, I should have hanged myself for their words,” Sri Reddy said.