Sneha disappointed

Ardent fans of actress Sneha, who had back-to- back releases just recently “Vande mataram” in Tamil and “Shikar” in Malayalam, are quite disappointed. 

Sneha was supposed to be the heroine in both the films, but the truth is that the actress has nothing more than blink-and-miss roles, in both the releases. In “Vandae Maatharam” Tamil, Sneha just appears in a song and a scene, while in “Shikar” she appears in two scenes and a song. Both films have her meeting a gruesome end. 

Before the release of the films, Sneha was talking about how important her roles in the films were and about how well they had shaped up. But her fans were in for a big disappointment as her roles were too brief for even critics to comment on them! Looks like Sneha really needs to look for meatier roles to stay in the rat race.

Sneha disappointed
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