Sneha got frustrated

Sneha is one of the most talented actresses of South India, who is unable to concentrate on her profession, currently. It is quite common for actresses to face unnecessary rumors and comments, but sometimes they may get frustrated with impolite behavior of strangers.

Sneha has been facing the same situation and she is unable to concentrate on acting. Previously, Sneha was irritated by a stranger named Raghavendra of Bangalore where he used to send horrific sms to her. Sneha made a complaint in the Police station about this issue. Police arrested that stranger and jailed him for 15 days in Pulal jail. 

Recently Sneha’s father Rajaram made another complaint against Raghavendra who came out on bail and disturbing his daughter.

Rajaram complained about this issue to The Police commissioner Rajendran. He asked the commissioner to punish him severely. Police started enquiry and they are trying to find out the exact person who is doing all this. They doubted that whether Raghavendra is doing such things again or another person. The Police will take action as soon as this issue is revealed.