Snehithudu movie review

Snehithudu movie review

Movie:       Snehithudu

Rating:      3/5

Direction:  Shankar


It has become a practice for the film-makers to remake or dub the popular films from other languages. Here comes the mega hit Bollywood film ‘3 Idiots’. Popular director Shankar had decided to remake the film in Tamil and Tamil. However, there were some differences of opinion that all the three heroes should be from Telugu, the film failed to take shape in Telugu. Otherwise, it has to come up with Maheshbabu in the lead role. Shankar continued with his Tamil project and had decided to dub it in Telugu. However, Dil Raju had bagged the dubbing rights from Shankar and released in Telugu as ‘Snehitudu’.

Panchabhatla Sarangapani @ Pani (Vijay), Venkata Ramakrishna (Sriram) and Sanakkayala Ravi (Jeeva) join an engineering college and three turn roommates. Being roommates, friendship blossoms between them and made them very close to each other. Surprisingly, three have different personalities and their talents too are different. Pani gives more importance to knowledge than marks. He always argues that mere marks won’t fetch anything in life but one should improve knowledge. He is a good practical joker too. Venkat loves wildlife photography. However, he was forced to study engineering at the behest of his parents. Ravi’s case is very different. He had to support his family and for that he needs a good job as they live in utter poverty. He is very timid and studies day and night as his only goal is to get a good job to support his family.

Pani always used to encourage his friends not to succumb to pressures of elders but achieve what they wanted to achieve in his life. This returns in a conflict with his college principal Virupaksha Sundaram @ Virus (Satyaraj) and Pani used to cross the path time and again. At this juncture Pani gets in touch with Virus’ only daughter Ria (Ileana) during a party. Soon, the accidental meeting turns love between Pani and Ria. Unable to bear the excesses of Pani, Virus desperately decides to expel not only Pani but also his two friends. Did Virus succeed in his attempts? What happened to the goals of the friends? Did the love between Pani and Ria turned fruitful? Who is exactly Pani? Answers to all these questions can be found in the climax.



No doubt, Sriram and Jeeva did their jobs very well as Venkat and Ravi. Especially Jeeva lived in the character as a vulnerable and timid student who is in desperate need of job to support to his family. Ileana too is the right choice by the director. Especially her sizzling belly dance with Vijay draws immediate applause from the whole audiences. Illy baby gave life to Ria character. The only drawback for the film is Vijay. Though his selection is perfect for Tamil audiences, in Telugu dubbed version, he looked very pale and appeared as if he sleepwalked into the character and left. Especially, the Telugu audiences compare his character with Aamir Khan in Hindi and get depressed. Satyaraj also did complete justice to the character of Virus and Satyam is ditto for Silencer character. Especially, Sunil’s dubbing gave life to that character.


Shankar prepared a perfect script for the film and this helped the film a lot and gave the film almost 50 marks. The scenes will have a strong impression in the hearts of audiences because of the script and director’s ability to grab performance from the artistes. Another strong point in the film is that it had different elements like sentiment, drama, and romance besides good comedy. Some of the scenes are very moving and the director should be commended for the taking of such scenes in a perfect way. Because most of the children will have some ideas in their life but they are forced to listen to their parents in real life too. The scene of Venkat talking to his parents really moves the audiences. The cinematographer who worked for the movie did a decent job and editing is also nice. Music by Harris Jayaraj to is okay and not great. Dialogues penned by Abburi Ravi are adequate as most scenes had a perfect depth and seriousness or jovial mood because of his inking the perfect way of conversations.


The drawback of the film is that the director chose to make the film a Xerox version of the original rather than trying to bring out the film in his own way. Probably, he must have feared that the audiences won’t accept the movie in any other form. Those who saw the original Hindi version, would get yawning while watching the film, as they are seeing  the same kind of scenes in this film too. If you have not watched 3 Idiots, Shankar’s script will keep you to sit tight in the chair all through the film.

Cast: Vijay, Ileana, Jeeva, Srikanth, Sathyaraj, Sathyan, S.J. Surya, Anuya Bhagvath, Raghava and others



Released on: January 26, 2012


Credits: Story – Abhijat Joshi, Dialogues – Abburi Ravi, Cinematography: Manoj Paramahamsa, Editing – Anthony, Music – Harris Jayaraj, Script, screenplay and Direction – Shankar, Producer – Dil Raju


Snehithudu movie review
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