Social Media War! Meera Chopra vs NTR Fans

Social Media War, Meera Chopra vs NTR Fans

Earlier today, a clash brewed between Bangaram actress Meera Chopra and NTR’s fans on social media after the former said she doesn’t know NTR and she is not interested in him. Later she also revealed to one of her followers that her favorite actor is Mahesh Babu from Tollywood. In Bollywood, she took Badshah SRK’s name. This triggered Tarak’s fans and a few of them expressed their disappointment on Meera Chopra by using offensive words and running a trend against her with the hashtag #Attentionbit*hMeeraChopra.

A few posts from Tarak fans were too vulgar, offensive, and insensitive. Some of them said that Meera Chopra’s parents should die of corona soon. Then Chinamayi Sripada came to her rescue and asked her to collect the screenshots of those labor fans and report their accounts to Hyderabad police. Meera Chopra even tagged NTR in her post while reporting to Hyderabad Police, saying his fans are targeting her just because she said she likes Mahesh Babu more than him. It remains to be seen what Tarak will say and how will he respond to this issue.

Here are her tweets and some screenshots:

“@hydcitypolice @CyberCrimeshyd I would like to report all these accounts. They are talking abt gang banging, are abusive and death threatening. Unfortunately, they are all @tarak9999 fan clubs. @Twitter I would request you to look into it and suspend these accounts.”

“@tarak9999 I didn’t know that I will be called a bitch, whore and a pornstar, just bcoz I like @urstrulyMahesh more than you. And your fans will send my parents such wishes. Do u feel successful with such a fan following? And I hope u don’t ignore my tweet!!” Meera tweeted.

NTR is a good actor and a great human being but his fans are bringing nothing but shame and embarrassment to him.