Splits In Tollywood Seeing Light

Telugu film industry is renowned for its discipline, punctuality, and respect for several decades. But after NTR and ANR legacy came to an end, the splits in the Telugu film industry is witnessing the light. The industry split between four families and their relatives and supporters. However, in recent times it looks all good in between these families. But all of a sudden, the closed-door matters of the industry started seeing the light once again after Balakrishna fumed at the Telugu film industry for not inviting him to the meetings.

Coming into the news, Balakrishna has breathed fire on industry people for not inviting him to the meeting held with Telangana chief minister K Chandrasekhara Rao and Telangana minister for cinematography Talasani Srinivas. He also made some harsh comments that the meeting was held to discuss real estate dealings.

Nagababu is the one who quickly counter attacked Balakrishna. He said, “I am asking Balakrishna to hold his tongue. He has insulted not just the film industry, but the KCR government. Balakrishna has to apologize to the KCR government and industry people for his comments.”