Sri Reddy bomb explodes on Pawan Kalyan Again

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Controversial actress Sri Reddy who a few months back made shocking allegations about casting couch on Tollywood celebrities and even stripped in front of the Film Chamber remained silent for few months before shifting her base to Chennai.

Power Star Pawan Kalyan who enjoys a huge fan following among all sections of people has received a huge shock from Sri Reddy. She has been attacking Pawan Kalyan and others from long ago over casting couch. She made a sensational prediction about Power Star recently that Jana Sena cannot win even 3-4 seats. She said Pawan’s Jana Sena will be a disaster in the 2019 elections.

In admits, Pawan announced yesterday that he will reveal in February from where he will contest in next 2019 elections. Sri Reddy who is eagerly waiting for Pawan’s announcement attacked him again saying that she will directly enter into the scene now. She said will go the area where Pawan will contest and make a campaign against him. As she challenged earlier she will definitely defeat Pawan in 2019 generally elections.

Pawan is getting ready to show his power in the 2019 elections with his party Jana Sena. His supporters are praying and dreaming to see their Power Star as the CM of Andhra Pradesh. Janasanik’s are worrying about the bomb in the form of Sri Reddy and Kathi Mahesh because Jana Sena doesn’t have any powerful leader expect Pawan who has the voice to counter Sri Reddy and Kathi Mahesh verbal war gain Jana Sena. Let us wait and see how Sri Reddy will attack Pawan in future to get media attention.

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