Sri Reddy displays her sick mentality once again

Sri reddy calls Rana Bava

Controversial actress Sri Reddy tends to pack a shock element in her posts quite often and takes potshots at politicians and celebrities on various occasions.

Her latest victim is Baahubali actor Rana Daggubati. Her latest update on her social media reads, “Seriously, why have you become so slim? My prayers are with you Rana Baava garu, get well soon..we all love wl b ok..this situation shouldn’t come 2 u, it shd b to ur brother..”.

Sri reddy is referring to Rana’s brother Abhiram here whom she accused of sexually harassing and exploiting her in exchange for opportunities in movies. We guess, she has crossed her limits this time. Rana is suffering from chronic liver disease and he is really sick. Using his name for some cheap attention is something we can’t stand. Get well soon Sri Reddy!