Sri Reddy Shifting Base to Chennai?

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Actress Sri Reddy’s Controversy has shaken the entire Telugu film industry. We have already seen the actress naming some Industry biggies in the alleged sexual exploitation issue in Telugu Film Industry. Some people did not take her seriously and some have pitied with her understanding the graveness of the problem. But then Sri Reddy threw away everything with a single abuse on Pawan Kalyan. She abused Pawan Kalyan’s Mother with a cuss word and showed her middle finger before the media.

Initially, media gave coverage to that as well but they were taken back after Pawan Kalyan’s outburst and stopped giving coverage to her. With media ignoring her, Sri Reddy is continuing her rants on her Facebook page only and seem to have shifted her focus on to Kollywood. Tamil Youtube Channels are picking her news. In a recent interview to a Kollywood Youtube Channel, the actress went on to say that she is vexed with Telugu people who are not coming forward to save their women and also revealed that she will very soon shift her base to Chennai. But much to her disappointment, there is so much glee welcoming her decision in the replies to her Facebook Post.

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