Sri Reddy Should Be Charged with Prostitution?

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Actress Sri Reddy’s Controversy has shaken the entire Telugu film industry. We have already seen the actress naming some Industry biggies in the alleged sexual exploitation issue in Telugu Film Industry. Later, this issue got diverted when the actress started making baseless allegations on many stars with no proofs. Very soon it looked like she is trying to derive some free publicity in the name of allegations on celebrities.

Sri Reddy threw away everything with a single abuse on Pawan Kalyan. She abused Pawan Kalyan’s Mother with a cuss word and showed her middle finger before the media. They were taken back after Pawan Kalyan’s outburst and stopped giving coverage to her. And now she has started targeting Kollywood as well. Indian Makkal Mandram has filed a complaint on her with Chennai Police Commissioner alleging that she is a bad influence on the society making shameless allegations. They urged that the actress should be booked on the charges of prostitution and stern action to be taken on her.

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