Sri Vishnu interview Excerpts

Sree Vishnu who has got a decent image among the Telugu audience is struggling to bag success at the box- office. His last outing, ‘Mental Madhilo’ got a positive word of mouth and he has interacted with the media on the occasions. Here are the excerpts of the interview:

Q: How is the Success of Mental Madhilo?

 I am really happy about it and will be thankful to the audience for their good feedback about my performance.

Q: How did Mental Madhilo happen?

It was during Appatlo Okadundevadu Release, director Vivek approached me with this script. I liked it instantly and gave my nod after listening to the first ten minutes.

Q: Are you confused in the Real Life as Well?

No. I am a guy with perfect clarity in everything. My basic funda is to choose the subject which suits me.

Q: What is the Reaction of your friend, Nara Rohit?

 He is the one who watched the film first and he liked it very much. I should thank him for doing a guest role in the film.

Q: Mental Madhilo is your First film with two heroines. Your Experience?

I am basically a shy guy and always speak very less with heroines. The heroines of these films are from the South and so I am at comfort on the sets. That helped me to do my job even better.

Q: Did You suggest any changes to the Script?

I never do that. If I come across any issue, all the team members sit and discuss. Later we decide upon the necessary changes with mutual consent.

Q: Your Upcoming Projects?

I have ‘Needi Naadi Oke Katha’ which is ready for release. I am also shooting for ‘Veera Bhoga Vasantha Rayalu’. Along with these two projects, I recently committed to a project with Vijay of ‘Asura’ fame.

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