Sridevi’s death was a Murder – BJP MP

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Controversial BJP leader Subramanian Swamy is once again in news with his sensational comments on the death of Famous celebrity Sridevi. He remarked that Sridevi’s death in Dubai is a murder. Subramanian Swamy stated that the actress never touched hard liquor she only drink wine.  He questioned then how did alcohol enter her body? He predicted that someone must have force fed it to her. He also raised a doubt that it’s very difficult and unlikely to drown in a bathtub unless someone forcibly pushed a person inside.

Now a big question to the Subramanian Swamy is if his prediction is true then who will have gain with Sridevi’s death. And the other hand authorities in Dubai have categorically denied all reports of foul play in Sridevi’s death. We have to wait and see time has to answer the questions. It is very sad that the actress like Sridevi is having this much terrifying death and it is more hurting her fans.

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