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Young Hero Nithin’s Srinivasa Kalyanam USA Premieres are just started.

Here are live updates or review from  USA Premier show.

4:30 AM (IST) – Movie started with Venkatesh’s voiceover and titles scrolling with title song …’Kalyanam Vaibhogam…’ which sung by S.P.Balasubrahmanyam.

4:45 AM (IST) –  Naresh’s wedding is about to happen, Jayasudha explains the importance and values of marriage.

4:55 AM (IST) – Story shifts to present, Jayasudha’s grandson Nithiin works in Chhattisgarh… It’s time for second song Ekkada Nuvvunte… the song is just Okay.

5:00 AM (IST) – Movie shifts to Hyderabad… Nithiin transferred to Hyderabad. He meets Raashi Khanna in a coffee shop.

5:10 AM (IST) – Nandita entered as Nithiin’s niece who loves Nithiin from childhood, waiting for him in the village. Praveen, Vidyu RamanSatyamam Srinu and others entry as Nithin’s friends…

Too Many Characters introduction…  

5:15 AM (IST) –  Raashi’s father Prakash Raj is a big shot entrepreneur who doesn’t believe much about family values. On the other hand, Nithiin is a believer in family traditions, follows his grandma Jayasudha.

5:20 AM (IST) – Raashi Khanna fell in love with Nithiin… She starred impressing with Nithiin’s behavior… The situational song  ‘Ithadena Ithadena…’. The song is just okay.

5:25 AM (IST) – Nithiin and Raashi Khanna came to friend’s wedding… both proposed each other… It’s time for ‘Something Something Ga’… song. The song shot in 1980’s style of dressing and props.

So far, the movie is running in slow pace by introducing more character without any connectivity. Lets us see how it goes further…

5:35 AM (IST) – The film tends to interval block… Prakash Raj came to know about her daughter’s love… He meets Nithiin… Both Prakash Raj and Nithiin come up with a condition for each other before the wedding.

The first half of the film is just okay without any much interesting elements. So far, the director tried to show the importance of marriage and family values. The love track between the lead pair is not up to the mark. Director introduces too many characters which can eliminate easily. Micky has given good BGM.   Let us wait and see, Will the director pick up the film with the second half which is blended with complete wedding scenes or he disappoints all with regular scenes like the first half.
USA collection – 8:00 pm $18,441 in 79 Locations

5:45 AM (IST) – Second of started with Nithiin and Rashi’s engagement scene… it’s time for a soothing song ‘Modalaudaa Tholi Prema…’ the song is good. Arrangements started for the wedding.

5:55 AM (IST) – Director still following the first half trend of introducing characters. He landed Ajay into the scene as wedding planner cum event manager.

6:05 AM (IST) – Wedding celebrations started… Nithiin made Prakash Raj forcibly to arrive the village before one week to take part in wedding celebrations.

6:15 AM (IST) –It’s time for ‘Vinavamma Toorupu Chukka..’song. The song is good.

6:30 AM (IST) –The episode where each family shares their opinion on marriage is good with some sentiment dialogues. This scene is well written. Prakash Raj started changing his character and opinion on family values and marriage.

6:45 AM (IST) –The film is tending towards climax… Nithiin reveals about the agreement between him and Prakash Raj at the wedding before tying the g nuptial knot.

6:50 AM (IST)- Prakash Raj changed completely… Happy ending with a blissful wedding.

Finally, the director Satish Vegesna who delivered a classic film like Sathamanam Bhavati has failed to continue the success with Srinivasa Kalayanam by involving unnecessary huge characters without proper reason. Story-wise there is nothing much to talk about it, he just focused on marriage importance. One can feel of watching an upgraded version of Brahmostavam or like watching TV serial. Apart from production values and music, there is nothing much to say about the film. There might chance of some family audience (elder generation people) may like it but we need to wait and see how the family audience will receive.
Producers and Directors should realize that the movie will not work out by using colorful apparels (Sarees), huge sets and bright color props without having impressive story and content. They need to know colorful picturization is one of part of movie success, but the story is a major part of the film which they are missing to give importance.

Live Review Rating: 2.5/5.0

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