Why Srireddy centering Pawan Kalyan?

Now a day’s Pawan Kalyan has become center coin for everybody. No one is leaving single chance to point out Pawan, although he was not related to the issue. Especially when the Srireddy issue came on to the board many have expressed their desire to respond on the issue. Recently Pawan too responded on Sri Reddy issue and advised her to approach police station not to sit in TV studios.

Srireddy who doesn’t like the advised started coining Pawan in social media. Now in a media interaction, the actress has gone one step forward and showed the middle finger to the camera while talking about Pawan Kalyan. She also slapped herself with her own sandal for calling him a brother. Not stopping there she also warned his fans not to troll her as she was fighting for a noble cause. She also advised Pawan to keep his fans in control.

However, we have to wait and see how Pawan fans will respond on this. As we all know that Pawan Fans Never tolerated if anyone points out Pawan in wrong way. Earlier we had witnessed what happened when Kathi Mahesh made some serious allegations on Pawan. Let’s wait and see what happens next?

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