Star Actor Loses His Control and Slapped Mobile

We are living in a country where film stars will treat like gods. As usually they will get mobbed by fans in any public event. However, some of the actors will get irritated if they get crowded and shove everyone who comes in their way to click pictures. In Tollywood, Balakrishna is well known for doing such acts.
Now here is one more star actor in the news for getting irritated when someone tries to click a picture with him. He is none other than Suriya’s father and former actor Siva Kumar.

Surya father


A video of the actor is going viral in social media in which the actor slapped the phone when a fan tried to take a selfie. The incident has happened a couple of days back at a marriage event.
However, the actor yet to respond on the issue, Let us wait and see will the actor gives clarification or not