Star actor-producer turned out to be a sex pervert

Actor siddique sex pervert

Malayalam Actress has alleged that actor cum producer Siddique, who acted in many award-winning films including the Telugu film ‘Naa Bangaru Talli’  misbehaved with her in 2016. Revathy wrote a post on social media about the incident which happened in Thiruvananthapuram after a preview of Siddique’s film Sukhamariyathe.

In her post, she writes “After the preview of his film Sukhamariyathe at Nila Theatre, he asked me to come to the Mascot Hotel to discuss this offer. Straight away, he asked if I was ready for ‘adjustments’. It is sad that this word should have such a meaning in the film industry. I asked him what he meant and he became explicit in his demands, describing his sexual fantasies as liking women with long fingernails. When he realized that it was not going to work, he told me to do whatever I wanted, he didn’t care. He said that I could do nothing because he was that powerful. And the comments I am getting now simply prove what he said,”

We strongly recommend taking strict actions against the actor if the allegations prove to be right because we want the film industry to be a platform for talent and opportunity and not human trafficking and exploitation.

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