Star Director Affair With Young beauty?

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The film industry is always has two sides one is flashy, glamorous street and the other side is a dark alley of poverty which is filled with madness, loneliness, depression. Many actresses who come up with a lot of hopes fails to make her mark in the industry. To avoid failures and to grab offers in the industry many young actresses are choosing the wrong path. Some directors are using their insecurity and using them for their desires.

Here is one such director who pretends like a torch-bearer of Tollywood and using young actresses for his desires. Although there were many allegations on the director for his behavior towards girls earlier now, he is once again on board with his new affair.

As per the film Nagar buzz, the director has started a new affair with a young actress who worked with a couple of mega heroes. The actress is also mum and continuing relationship with the director for grabbing offers. Now this Affair has become a hot topic in the industry.

For a clue to our readers, The director has given the biggest disaster for Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Can you guess the director folks?

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