Star Hero harassed actress to surrender

Star hero harassed actress for sex

He is a star hero, coming from a strong filmy family. He doesn’t have the habit of listening to a NO. He has a very calm and silent persona in public life, but sources claim that he is very cunning & violent in real life.

Things were going pretty smoothly for this star hero until a new upcoming heroine started avoiding him. There is a talk that no actress has ever avoided him and always surrendered to his whims and fantasies for the sake of their career, knowing the clout he enjoys in Tollywood.

This upcoming heroine had said a clear NO to him and the star hero in question, had taken it personally. He felt insulted and humiliated. Instead of attacking her directly, he started using his influence to target her indirectly. He made sure with the help of his PR team that she doesn’t get any prominence or publicity for her role in an upcoming big budget movie. He is said to have done everything to make things difficult for her in all of her future projects.

In the beginning she couldn’t realize what is going wrong with her career, but then she realized it is all because of this megalomaniac star hero who is hell bent on sabotaging her career just because she isn’t surrendering herself to him. With no other choice left, she had to oblige to his wishes, it seems.

This has cooled down the anger of the hero and he has promised her that she would be given equal importance in the publicity and promotions of their upcoming film. Sources claim that this beautiful young actress was caught sobbing while sharing this ghastly story with her friends in a private party.