Stars Fans Over-Action: Destroying Right to Speak?

It is an unacceptable open fact that South Indian Film Industry Stars fans treat their heroes as demigods and sometimes these hardcore fans over action irritates many in the industry. Fans’ protecting their heroes against any criticism is indirectly destroying the right to speak freedom in this democratic country.

Fans of Mega Star Chiranjeevi, Power Star Pawan Kalyan, Super Star Mahesh Babu, Young Tiger NTR, Natasimha Balakrishna, Akkineni Nagarjuna and other, protect their respective heroes from any criticism.

 It may be recalled that Sizzling Beauty Samantha was forced to keep herself away from twitter after being trolled by Super Star Mahesh Fans and Power Star Pawan Kalyan fans. Samantha who is known for bold statements expressed her view through her twitter on Mahesh’s “1- Nennokadine” movie poster and on Pawan Kalyan’s third marriage. Made both heroes fans anger and made her leave twitter for some days. Heroes Fans trolled Samantha with the #GetLostSamantha

Recently sizzling beauty Tapsee was trolled for speaking about her ordeal when she was hurt by a coconut while shooting for a song in her debut film Jhummandi Naadam under K.Raghavendra Rao’s direction.  Tapsee was forced to apologies after getting trolled when she issued a clarification that she was making fun of herself.

Tapsee on her apologies said “Nobody forced me to apologies. At first, people were complaining that I should apologise. When I did so, they say that I am being forced! I realise people have a problem anyway. The reason I apologised was that I wanted peace. I knew I didn’t mean anything like it was being interpreted. In my apology video, I even explained the actuality of it and how, playing just an edited version of the video, has led to the misunderstanding. I made it clear that if someone was offended, I am sorry, but I was making fun of only myself! Apologizing doesn’t make a person big or small, and so I decided to say it anyway. If people have accepted it, I want them to watch the complete video and understand the context of my statements, and the agenda behind it. I felt bad that people are judging me based on something that was taken totally out of context. I even spoke to Raghavendra Rao garu about what had happened, but about what we discussed, I’d like to keep it personal.”

After Tapsee, upcoming actress Manasa Himavarsha too faced the ire of NTR fans her comments against NTR’s reality show Bigg Boss.  She explained “I was approached for the Telugu version of Bigg Boss, but turned it down because the organisers wanted to make the program controversial and spice up the episodes. Since I don’t fit into such a category, I felt I did a good thing by not participating in the show to make a fool out of myself. That’s what I posted! I guess NTR fans thought I was mocking the show, and trolled me. I finally had to apologies,”

Manchu Lakshmi speaking about Tapsee’s comments said “I guess her words have been taken out of context. Nobody has the guts to say things up front, but will voice out opinions on social media. It is wrong to personally attack someone just because they have access to social media. I call it a mob mentality and she did not say anything new that has not been said before.”

Not only actress, producers and other heroes are no exceptions for these star heroes fans. They won’t leave anyone who directly or indirectly criticise their so called heroes. Recently, Ace producer Dil Raju faced the ire of Mega Star Chiranjeevi fans for claiming that Allu Arjun’s DJ crossed the collections of Khaidi No 150. Dil Raju was forced to clarify and he said “The collections of DJ will be Allu Arjun’s career best and it is a hat- trick for our production house (after Shatamanam Bhavathi and Nenu Local). I have not drawn any comparisons to Chiranjeevi’s film, I was misquoted. A few fans approached me about the collections of DJ and asked whether I could show the records to prove the collections!”

Stylish Star Allu Arjun is still facing the ire of fans for his refusal to speak about Pawan Kalyan with his comment Cheppanu Brother. Allu Arjun is facing the ire despite his clarification in which he said “I feel the cast and crew of the film should be given an opportunity to talk about their experiences. But there were a few fans who were purposely demanding that I talk about Kalyan (Pawan) garu, which I felt was irrelevant and unreasonable. So I appealed to fans to be more sensible and to correct their behaviour,” But still Power Star Fans are not leaving him on social media and making nastiest trolls on him.

NTR too faced the ire of Balakrishna fans when in one of his films he claimed that he is NTR’s Natavarasaudu. NTR was forced to issue a clarification in which he said: “I am not NTR’s successor, I am just his grandson.”

Yesteryear hero Rajasehar too faced shocking attack from mega fans that chased down his family after he said that he will not join Mega Star Chiranjeevi’s Praja Rajyam even before he launched the party in 2008 as he lacked the political experience.  The chase left the window panes of his car damaged and he and his daughter were badly injured and shaken by the incident.

As time passes way these controversies and trolls were forgotten by fans that made comments on others but is this type of trolls will give healthy competition in the industry. Are these types of trolls and attacks destroying the right to speak act in film industry?. Film Industry well-wishers are expecting that Stars heroes should take initiative to control their respective fans not to troll on others Heros (or) 24 craft people.