Subramanyapuram Film Nagar Talk

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King Nagarjuna’s nephew Sumanth who recently entertained with his romantic flick ‘Malli Raava’ is getting ready to thrill all with ‘Subrahmanyapuram’. He made on-screen romance with Eesha Rebba in the film under the direction of Santosh Jagarlamudi, a debutante. The film is slated a grand release on December 7th and USA premiers are confirmed on Dec 6th.

In meanwhile the film Nagar buzzes are spreading wide as the film is not up to the mark. Buzz is that the film is all about the atheist who makes research on temples. It is completely based on Superstitious/Super Natural beliefs. Cut and short it is completely in the path of Nikhil’s Karthekiya. Rumours are spreading wide that audience already watched many films similar to the same kind of storyline and director has to impend some magic to attract movie lovers. It may not work in all regions.

Murmurs are also circulating wide as Akkineni family is already aware of the film’s result. As we reported earlier, King Nagarjuna who already watched the film not impressed with the film and that’s why he is not promoting the film. Let us wait three more days to know the audience verdict on Subramanyapuram. Watch this space for more updates.

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