Why the success rate in Tollywood is Low?

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Producer’s job is not an easy task it was one of the toughest jobs in the total industry. Keeping the ups and downs aside so many producers are making films with a passion. If we look at the success rate in tollywood it is very low maybe thirty percent of people are succeeding. Remaining are selling their properties to clear the debts they made by producing films or ending their life’s.

Why the success rate in Tollywood is very low compared to other industries. The main reason many producers are pointing was Critics and their movie ratings. Producers are thinking that the movie reviews and ratings are playing as spoiling sport for their revenues. But if we take a look at recently released film RX 100 the film also received mixed reviews from all critics. But the film has entered into profit zone in just 3days without any star lead cast. After analyzing this we can definitely say that movie reviews and ratings are not the reason.

Then what was the reason for the low success rate? Maybe films high budget and choosing the wrong content are the reasons. If we take RX 100 as an example the secret of the film’s success was films budget and well-planned promotions. The film was made with a budget of nearly 3 Crores which is usually the same budget spent on a single song for our big budget films. So we can conclude that producers who are making films with a medium budget and good content are striking gold near the box office. But the success rate of high budget films is very low compared to others.

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