Sudigadu successful not his hero-ines

Allari Naresh who turned Sudden Star with ‘Sudigadu’ has one speciality. All his films have new hero-ines. Many say he is a successful star and his recent release ‘Yamudiki Mogudu’ also proves that point. However many say Sudigadu star is not that successful. Many may be surprised but if one goes by industry records it is true. Ealrier Comedian used to be the golden hand for new heroines. Who ever used to star with Chandramohan they used to become top stars. Later that role has been donned by Rajendra Prasad. Though he couldn’t reach the heights of Chandra Mohan in hit heroines, he however fared well. 

But the same cannot be said of Naresh though those who are selecting heroines for him are doing good job by roping stunning beauties. However later none of the heroines tasted success.