Idam Jagath Movie Review

Movie: Idam Jagath

Rating: 2.5/5.0

Behind the Scenes:

Akkineni family hero Sumanth who came to form with Malli Raava is trying his luck with different films. He already had the release of Subrahmanyapuram earlier this month and now trying his luck with a thriller, Idam Jagath. Let us see how Idam Jagath is received by the audience:


Nishith (Sumanth) is jobless. After a lot of trials, he turns into a Freelance Reporter. He records the Crime Stories at night and sells them to TV Channels. In the process, he meets Mahathi (Anju Kurien) and tries to befriend her without saying his background. A murder he captured one night turns his life and also distances him from Mahathi. What is in that footage? How it impacted their lives? What happens next? forms the rest of the story.
Star Shine:

Sumanth has got a Unique Role in the film as a Night Time Freelance Reporter. He shined in a dual shaded character. Anju Kurien shined in her first film. The biggest problem with the film is that it barely challenges the characters to try something hard or different. Shivaji Raja, Satya, and Aditi are okay in their scope.


Director Srikanth chose an interesting concept for his debut movie but then the biggest problem is that there is no scope for suspense or thrill in the entire script. The conflict point between the lead pair is also disappointing. The logic goes for a toss at many places. The rest of the technical departments are also ordinary may be due to budget constraints. The songs and background music are disappointing. The cinematography by Balreddy is ordinary so is the editing by Garry. Production Values are disappointing.


The point of Night Time Freelancer Reporter is interesting but the concept of TV channels paying Lakhs for the hero looked absurd. The first half of the film is totally uninteresting with such episodes. The real story begins only in the second half with the murder mystery. Such kind of films need suspense and thrills but there is nothing as such. Several aspects are without logic. The director should have sent the baddie after the hero for the murder evidence to make something happen but that is not done until the climax. Idam Jagath ends up as a borefest without any excitement from the start to the end.

Movie Marks:

Idam Jagath: Complete Borefest

Cast: Sumanth, Anju Kurian, Satya, Shivaji Raja, and Others

Story, Screenplay, and Direction: Anil Srikantham

DOP: Balreddy

Music: Sricharan Pakala

Editor: Garry

Producers: Jonnalagadda Padmavathi and Gangapatnam Sridhar

Banner: Virat Films and Sri Vignesh Karthik Cinemas

Release Date: 28th December 2018