Sundeep Kishan Interview about Manasuku Nachindi

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Young Hero Sundeep Kishan’s last film, Nakshatram had ended up as a huge disaster. His recent film, Project Z, a dubbing venture totally went unnoticed due to a controversy with the Telugu Producer. He is banking on his next, Manasuku Nachindi to be back in success. Here are the excerpts of Sundeep Kishan’s interview on the occasion of movie release tomorrow.

Tell us about your role in the film?

I will be seen as a happy go lucky guy called Suraj who hail from a middle class family. He is like a carefree man without taking anything serious in life. It is like a never before done role for me and I am very excited to see how the audience receive it.

Tell us about the film?

Some films become hit due to the story and some due to the moments present in it. Manasuku Nachindi is stuffed with such romantic moments which will be liked by the audience. It will be simple but fresh…

How is it working with Manjula?

She has done a tremendous job even though it is her debut film. Everything on the script is translated beautifully on the screen. It is narrated interestingly and I am sure her work will surely impress everyone.

About your recent failures?

I have learned a lot from the failures. Earlier I used to focus only on fun elements in the scripts but now I tried to look forward for concept based films. But they failed me. So, I opted for Manasuku Nacchindi which is a fun love story and will bring me back in the game.

Did Mahesh Babu watch the film?

Mahesh Babu had only watched it in bits and pieces but loved whatever he saw. He will watch the complete film along with his family on the release day.

About recent controversy with Project Z producer Basheed?

Whatever he says is completely false. He did not clear the committed amount to the Original Producers and released it in Telugu with some others dubbing for my role. He even did not promote the film. I am cheated by him in every aspect and he even went to jail. I faced lot of troubles due to him and I will never forgive him in my life.


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