Sunil Getting Busy As Comedian

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Comedian turned Hero Sunil has achieved huge stardom as a comedian, but he failed to continue his legacy as the lead role. Now the actor is once again back to his comfort zone and getting busy as a comedian. Though his role in Aravinda Sametha disappointed all, the producers are not stepping back in offering roles for Sunil.

Currently, Sunil has five films in his hand. Chitralahari, Raviteja and VI Anand movie, Allu Arjun and Trivikram’s movie are ready to hit floors. Apart from these films, Sunil is doing two other movies with medium budgeted heroes. If Sunil gets his much-needed break with these films, he will turn unstoppable. If he fails, the situation is not a cakewalk for the proven comedian as he is facing massive competition from young comedians.

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