Sunil’s hilarious spoof on controversial Politician

sunil will play the role of KA Paul

Comedian Sunil has made a good comeback as a comedian in the recently released ‘Chitralahari’. Sunil is now all set to portray another hilarious role that is designed on the lines of evangelist turned politician K A Paul.

K A Paul gave amazing comic relief during recent Andhra Assembly polls. He contested with 175 candidates in his Praja Shanti party and all of them lost the deposit. He himself got fewer votes than NOTA. But he went on claiming that he would be next Chief Minister of AP.

K A Paul also claimed that it was due to his blessings Trump became USA president and because of his mediation nuclear war between the USA and North Korea was averted.

His real-life character would definitely make a good comedy character in films. A well-known production company is planning a political thriller based on K A Paul and they have approached Sunil and he is said to have given his nod.

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