Sunny Deol missed the “Robot” premier

A special premiere of Shankar’s Robot was organized by the film’s hero Rajinikanth for his friends in Bollywood and was held in one of the multiplexes in the suburbs of Mumbai recently.

Besides a major turnout including veterans Dev Anand and hot shot Aamir Khan, few know that amongst the guests present was also Sunny Deol. According to an eyewitness, "Sunny was also one of the invitees and he did make it to the show. He was dressed in his Yamla Pagla Deewana look and had donned a pagadi and sported a beard so very few people recognized the Bollywood hunk."

Apparently, the actor stepped in late, much after the screening of Robot had begun. "The cinema hall was jam packed and there was absolutely no space at all.

When Sunny walked into the auditorium, the usher directed him to a seat very close to the screen. Upset, at being sidelined, the actor made a quick exit without waiting to watch the movie or to congratulate the South star," said our source. Maybe next time, Sunny will learn to be on time for a show.