SuryaÂ’s circus feats without a body double

Suriya plays the role of a circus acrobat in “7 Aum Arivu” and has already he has been training under two veterans in the field who have worked for various popular circus units including Bombay Circus. Suriya says, "I was trained in juggling, hand walking, gymnastics, acro-dancing, etc. I spent a lot of time with the circus before starting the shoot." Now the entire unit of this movie along with director Murugadoss and few stunt men from Hollywood are off to Thailand where the actor will shoot for a few risky stunts without a body double. The villian of the movie will be shooting these scenes along with Suriya.

Interestingly, sources say that a new villain from Hollywood who was a part of Thailand’s action hero-turned-Buddhist Monk Tony Jaa’s earlier movie, has been roped in for this sci-fiction thriller.

A crucial segment which is picturised in an era which dates back to 1,500 years will be shot. A unit member revealed that Suriya underwent a five-day training with Thialand’s famous circus troupe and some of the best stunt choreograph ic scenes are being canned there.

Suriya will be shooting in Thailand for the Thailand for the next two weeks and returns only just a day before Diwali. He will be joining his wife Jyotka and children who are holidaying in Mumbai.