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Niharika Konidela and Rahul Vijay’s Suryakantam is all set for a grand release this Friday. The Mega Daughter who is yet to open her hits account in her little career so far has pinned high hopes on this movie. Here is the Filmnagar Talk of Niharika’s Latest film’s Suryakantam.

The story begins when Rahul Vijay is arranged Marriage Looks forcibly by his parents with a Girl. He starts narrating his story with Niharierka and how she suddenly disappears one day after her mother (Suhasini’s) demise. While Rahul is getting along with this new girl, Niharika comes back and tries to woo him. Rest of the story is what happens in the lives of the three. Coming to the film, it has a not so novel story, and the Mega Daughter handled the comedy part all herself. The movies do not bore much due to its short run-time. It is expected to appeal to the Multiplex audience, but B and C center audience may not like it. All in all, the movie is of Below Average to Average Range. The biggest problem for the film is not having enough buzz in the audience.

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