Suryakantam Live Review

6.00 AM IST: Movie opens up with Rahul Vijay’s introduction and he is travelling.

6. 05 AM IST: Movie shifted to 2 months back. Rahul’s Pelli Choopulu scenes going on

6.10 AM IST: Comedian Satya entry as Rahul Vijay’s uncle and Shivaji raja as  father.

6.20 AM IST: Introduction of Perlene Bhesania as a Bride. Rahul and Perlene became good friends

6.25 AM IST: Time for the first song Nenena Nenena

6.30 AM IST: Rahul revealing his affair with Suryakantham (Niharika) to Perlene

6.35 AM IST:  Once again movie shifted to Flashback.

6.38 AM IST:Niharika’s entry as Suryakantham.Suhasini as Niharika’s mother

6.42 AM IST: Suhasini want Niharika to agree for marriage.And Niharika is purposefully escaping from it.

6.45 AM IST:Rahul has a crush on Niharika  and tries to impress her.but she is making fun of him and not reveling her name also to him.

US Box Office Collections update – $3,608 In 35 Locations 6.45 AM IST (09:00 PM EST)

6.48 AM IST: Niharika and Rahul came for a movie. A gang teases Niharika time for an action sequence. After a small fight, Rahul proposed to Niharika.

6.50 AM IST: Niharika is avoiding Rahul Vijay. An emotional scene between Suhasini and Rahul.

6.55 AM IST: Time for second song Friday Night Baby

7.00 AM IST: Niharika accepted Rahul’s love and other side, Suhasini admitted in hospital and she dies. Rahul Vijay came in support of Niharika and takes her to his home.

7.05AM IST: Niharika  asked Rahul to drop at her home. But the other day she left her home without intimating anyone. Niharika’s Flash back ends here.

7.10 AM IST: The movie is back to Perlene thread now. Both Rahul Vijay and Perlene Bhesania agreed to go ahead with the marriage.

7.12 AM IST: Suryakantham’s Re-entry , its time for a Break!!

First half of the film is boring. Except for Niharika’s energetic performance and some fun episodes here and there nothing has worked in favor of the film. So far, the film is testing audience patience. Let’s wait and see how the second half will be

7.15 AM IST: Rahul is trying to manage Niharika without knowing about his engagement

7.20 AM IST: Niharika proposed her love to Rahul, but he revealed about his engagement with Perlene Bhesania.

7.25 AM IST: Rahul and Perlene Bhesania got engaged. Time for Biscuit song Sad version song from Niharika

7.35 AM IST: Rahul and Perlene Bhesania went for outing Niharika also joined the tour. Niharika is waiting for a chance to get close with Rahul. Time for breaking my heart song.

7.40 AM IST: Due to Niharika’s entry, misunderstanding comes up between Perlene and Rahul.

7.45 AM IST: Time For a sad song Po Pove song which is happening in Rajasthan.

Looks like People ready to walk out from their seats

7.50 AM IST: Niharika is trying to convince  Perlene and Family and resolve the issue in between them and revealing about her commitment phobia and goes away from them. Few boring sentimental scenes are going on.

7.50 AM IST: Rahul takes back Niharika to his home to attend his and Perlene’s marriage and Rahul’s family accept Niharika as a family member.

8.00 AM IST: Movie finally comes to an end. Rahul gets married to Perlene and Niharika stays as family member as he gave promise to Suhasini.

The film has offered nothing new. The basic plot of the movie itself is a big minus. We don’t know why Producers are thinking that the audience is out of mind to watch this kind of movie with a plot which was beaten to death by other producers. They just replaced Niharika in place of the hero’s character. Either part of the movie cannot be appreciated. The only plus point in the film is Niharika’s presence and some funny scenes. Production values are also short. Finally, you can easily skip this movie rather than getting tortured. Live Review Rating: 2.0/5

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