SVSC Live Analysis

SVSC Live Analysis

Movie : Seethmma vakitlo Sirimalle Chetu

Director : Srikanth Addala


SVSC’ first half in detail

The first half of ‘SVSC’ came out from the Prasad Labs Preview theatre where a Charity show is in running with few 50 people.

Prakasraj and Jayasudha are middle class ideal couple. They have two sons, one is Venkatesh called as Peddodu and another one is Prince Mahesh Babu called as Chinnodu, one another sister Abhinaya. Venkatesh behaves and follows straight forwardness whereas Mahesh Babu behaves as diplomatic. Mahesh Babu speaks in Godavari districts slang which is good. Anjali is being brought up by this family since her childhood and she is a daughter of Jayasudha’s brother. Jayasudha’s another brother Rao Ramesh is a rich man who will insult this family often. Rao Ramesh has invited this family for his elder daughter’s marriage and Venkatesh is reluctant to attend it. This family sent Mahesh Babu to attend this marriage function where he met Samantha called as Geetha who is another daughter of Rao Ramesh. They have loved each other at first sight. In this marriage, relatives belong to bridegroom want to make relation with Prakasraj family by bringing their daughter Abhinaya to their family with marriage. Rao Ramesh showed his unwillingness not this being happened. Even though they straight away went to Prakashraj house and asked their daughter to their son. In the meantime Venkatesh lost his job and roaming without any work. When a proposal comes that Anjali should get to be married with Venkatesh. Rao Ramesh objects for this also. Anyhow Abhinaya’s marriage held with all our Hindu rituals. Mahesh Babu requested Venkatesh to come and bless with ‘Akshinthalu’, Venkatesh retorted to Mahesh and said’ Neevu vellu Neelaaga Natinchatam Naaku Chetha Kaadhu’ antadu.

Three songs were over:

1. The Song Shot on Samanth ‘Aaraduguluntada’

2. The song Shot on mainly focusing on Anjali with family ‘Maree Anthaga

3. The song shot in Abhinaya marriage with marriage rituals on the total family ‘Meghallo



Stay tuned for 2nd half and final review…


Second half in detail:


Venkatesh is jobless and Mahesh Babu is in Hyderabad. All the family members compel Venkatesh to go along with Mahesh Babu to Hyderabad and find a job there. He was reluctant to go. Mahesh Babu went to Railway station to go to Hyderabad. Suddenly Venkatesh came to Railway station. Mahesh Babu asked him to come to Hyderabad. He accepted and got into the train along with Mahesh Babu. Some one promised a job to Venkatesh in his sister’s marriage if he comes to  Hyderabad . He rembered the promise and met him but he kept him in waiting till evening.Venkatesh got angry over him and came out of the place. In the meantime Mahesh and Samantha romance is going on without knowing of Venkatesh.One day Venkatesh came to know of their love and kept quite. Rao Ramesh’s elder daughter came from US and Rao Ramesh with Samantha have arranged a dinner in Hyderabad where Samantha invited Mahesh Babu without permission of her father. Rao Ramesh insulted Mahesh Babu there.


Prakash Raju went Rao Ramesh house with sweets and fruits to see Rao Ramesh elder daughter who is caused her daughters marriage. There a discussion happened in between Prakash Raj and Rao Ramesh about the marriage of Anjali. Rao Ramesh asked Prakash Raj to see a better groom for him and Venkatesh is not suitable for her because he do not have any job.


One day Prakashraj going on the Road, a lorry accident occurs, there he saved a boy and injured. He was rushed to the hospital. There kota Srinivasa Rao came to see Prakash Raj and told him that he has saved the boy belongs to his brothers son. Kota Srinivasa Rao was the boss of Venkatesh once upon a time and Venkatesh thrown out by him due to his straight forwardness. Now again he offered Venkatesh to take him into Job in Vizag. Venkatesh is reluctant to go there. One day Anjali asked to go to Bhadrachalam to see ‘Sita Kalyanam’, hence the entire family went there. Rao Ramesh family also there to see Kalyanam. There a Van crashed with a transformer and electric short circuit happened and fire busted out. There venkatesh and Mahesh Babu saved them all. In this situation Rao Ramesh changed himself. The marriages of Venkatesh, Anjali and Mahesh Babu, Samantha happened.


    Another three songs in this half:

1.  Song shot on Mahesh Babyu and Samantha ‘inka chappale’

2. Song shot on Venkatesh and Anjali ‘Vana Chinukulu

3. Title Song shot on the family ‘Seethamma vakitlo Sirimalle Chettu’





SVSC Live Analysis
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