Tamanna Films based on director.

Milky Beauty Tamnna who is currently busy with handful of projects in Telugu and Tamil industry revealed secret behind the selection of her films. In recent interview she said that, “before confirming the film she will look for director, she strongly believes that if director is perfect then film will be definitely hit. She also told that Director is the caption of the film and if he/she is a right person then he can lead his team in proper way. She also stated that, first she known’s after director then only she will take care about her character in the film. 

Analysts are expecting that Tamanna’s view of selection is not exactly correct because the film is success is partially depends on director not completely. So, Tamanna don’t believe completely ob directors, take care about the story and remaining things before accepting the films in future.

Currently,she is busy with "Badrinath" shooting which may  hit the theatres in  February.

Tamanna Films based on director.
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