Tamannah’s Rain Song Gets Some Buzz for Abhinetri 2

Tamannah's Rain Song Gets Some Buzz for Abhinetri 2

Abhinetri 2, the sequel to horror thriller ‘Abhinetri’ is gearing up for release on May 31st. Directed by AL Vijay, it stars Prabhu Deva as the male lead. But the movie revolves around Tamannah. The film carries very low buzz, and the only selling point of the film so far is the sensuous song of Tamannah in the movie.

Tamannah never shies of showcasing her beauty in rain songs. Her glamour gets doubled when she dances in the rain. A photo from this song is out. Tamannah looks hot. If there is something from the film which grabbed the attention of the audience, it is this photo. Sonu Sood is playing another lead role.

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