Tammareddy Criticizes Pawan Kalyan

Senior director cum producer Tammareddy Bharadwaj is one of the frank speaking people in the Film Industry. He expresses his view through his YouTube channel on controversial and trending issues in society. It is known that Tammareddy Bharadwaj is one among the few film personalities who opposed Power Star Pawan Kalyan entry into politics. During the time of Pawan’s political party, Jana Sena announcement Tammareddy criticized him.

Now, again he made some comments on Pawan’s chat in Vijayawada press meet which was held recently.  It is known that Pawan said he will not prefer Padayatra (Journey By foot) due to security issues. He added that due to huge fan base he can’t go for Padayatra. The decision of not going for Padayatra to interact with people is receiving huge criticism from film people itself.

Today, Tammareddy interacted with popular Telugu news channels reporter and he made some comments on Pawan not showing interest to go Padayatra. Tammareddy asked, “Without interacting people how can he come to know about their problems. Taking feedback from managers and close aides, one can not become a true leader. Pawan should not be sacred to people and should talk to them directly. Why he is unable to control his fans?”

He asked, “Pawan should know all these problems before entering into politics, after entering into politics he can’t stay back at home due to security reasons or some other issues.  Politics means problems, he should know the problems of people, without doing Padayatra, without interacting with people how can he know about people problems, without knowing the problems how can he solve them.”

He also added, “Pawan has come into politics not to serve his fans, without getting close to people, how he can know about their problems. NTR and MGR had a huge fan following, but even they went directly to the people to know the issues. Pawan has to control his fans and cadre and plan the padayatra. Issues are highlighted only when he goes close to people.”

Tammareddy expressed his opinion as if fans are not listening to Pawan words then definitely they are not genuine fans to him. He should control fans. Now, this video is going viral on social media and we need to wait and see how Pawan fans will react on Tammareddy’s comments.

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