TANA Sports competitions in USA

TANA Sports competitions in USA

“We will conduct Badminton, Volley Ball, Cricket, Tennis, Bowling, Caroms and Chess tournaments across the USA this summer. These competitions will be held region-wise first and then regional winners will participate in TANA Championship finals. Winners will be awarded at the 19th TANA Convention to be held at the Dallas Convention Center, Dallas, TX from July 4th-6th, 2013”. Prasad Thotakura, TANA President said.

Yaswanth Kudaravalli, TANA Sports Committee Chairman said that we will be conducting these following tournaments in several Cities and the full schedule will be announced soon.


1. Badminton: Singles / Doubles (Men’s & Women’s)

2. Volley Ball: Team size (6) (Men’s & Women’s)

3. Cricket: 6 Overs – 6 aside Tennis Ball Tournament (Men’s & Women’s)

4. Tennis: U-13 /U-19/ U-35/ 50 + (Men’s & Women’s)

5. Bowling: Open for all

6. Caroms: Singles / Doubles (Men’s & Women’s)

7. Chess: U-13 / U-19 / 19+


Please contact TANA Regional Representatives or visit www.tana.org for frequent updates and more information. 


TANA Sports competitions in USA
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