Will Naidu Listen To ‘BRING NTR’ Slogans?

TDP leaders want NTR

In spite of being an utter flop, Nara Lokesh, son of Chandrababu Naidu, will handle the party after his father and will become the working president of the party in the future.

The party senior leaders are not very happy with Lokesh’s capabilities and they firmly believe that he is not the right person to lead the party at this crucial juncture in politics. The only name they have in mind who can sail the party through is Jr. NTR. They feel that the following and charisma of Tarak are unmatchable to any other leader in the party undoubtedly. Even though NTR was insulted by some of the leading men in the TDP party in the past, he always maintained that he will serve the party when the right time comes.

So the majority of TDP leaders want to appeal to CBN indirectly to not put the party’s future at stake for his son and they all want to see NTR as the face of the party to put the party back on track.