Tej…I Love You Censor Completed

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The Regional Censor Board in Hyderabad had finished the Censor formalities of Supreme Hero Sai Dharam Tej’s Tej…I Love You a little while ago. The movie has got a U certificate with no cuts and is all set for a grand release on 6th of this month. The movie success is very important to both the actor and the director who did not have proper hits for a very long time. Sai Dharam Tej had a rocking start to his career with back to back hits except for Rey. But the happiness in shortlived and he found himself in back to back disasters.

The movie success is extremely important for the actor so as to reinforce the belief of trade in his films. Sai Dharam Tej’s last release, Intelligent has ended up as a double disaster even without 20% recovery. It is also the fifth flop for Sai Dharam Tej in his last five movies which speaks volumes about the lean patch the actor is going through. The makers did not even recover the remunerations from the film run. So there is a tremendous pressure on the actor to attain success at any cost with this film. Karunakaran who claims to be a Mega fan also is devoid of success for a very long time and is looking forward for this film success.

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