Telangana scare for big films release

As big films are getting ready for the release in the month of December and January worrying the producers on Telangana issue over the release? The films like Yuvarathna Balakrishna’s “Parama veera Chakra”, King Nagarjuna’s films “Gaganam” and “Ragada”, Raviteja’s “Mirapakaya”, RGV’s “Katha Screenplay darsakathvam Appalaraju” and two more untitled films of Prabhas and Naga chaitanya are scheduled for release in and around December and January. As the report of Justice Sri Krishna Committee dead line will be on 31st December, Producers of these films are getting worried about the issue and on the revenue for the pictures in particular of Nizam Area. It is known fact that if any unrest arises in the society, the worst hit only the Public theatres after the APSRTC. 

Popular producer Suresh Babu said that producers do not want to be caught releasing films in wrong weeks, whether it is December or January. 

Senior producer Tammareddy Bharadwaja said that there will be not much worry about of it, as cinema being a medium that is all pervasive on the entertainment front. Producers are voicing differently on the contentious issue.

Lets us wait and see will these films may hit the theatres in December and January.