Telugu Association of Malaysia grand event on October 8th.

Telugu Association of Malaysia (TAM) is non profit and non governmental organization representing about 500 000 Telugus in Malaysia. Its objective is to promote and safeguard Telugu culture, language, and heritage and take care of social and welfare needs of the community.

Malaysians of all walks of life enjoyed unity, peace and prosperity in this beautiful country. Malaysians of Telugu origin would like to thank the Government for supporting minorities like us to live in harmony without losing one’s culture, language, heritage and identity.

In conjunction with the official landing of Telugu community in Malaya from 150 years ago. TAM is organizing Malaysian Telugu unity gathering to show support to 1 Malaysia concept launched by our beloved Prime Minister YAB Dato’ Sri Haji Mohd Najib bin Tun Haji Abdul Razak on October 8th at Putrajaya Convenction Centre, Malaysia .

This will be the largest gathering of Telugu community in Malaysia. This mega event will foster closer ties among Malaysian Telugus and indirectly exhibits Telugu culture to our Malaysian brothers and sisters. The event would show unity in diversity in our multi racial and culture society.

At the same time TAM will take this opportunity to honour some outstanding personalities who have contributed for development of Telugu language and culture in Malaysia and abroad. In this event the organizing committee has also planned a mega musical event with noted local and foreign artist to entertain our guest.

This will be the life time event for Malaysian Telugus, please record this day in your calendar. You should not miss this event you may never get to see it again. In honour of our fore fathers who landed on this ‘Swarnabumi’ Malaysia more than 150 years ago and if you still inherit their values “Telugu Dhanam” be there at PUTRAJAYA INTERNATIONAL CONVENTION CENTRE.