Distributors Association Shocking Decision on Agnyaathavaasi

Producers, who spend huge amounts on top heroes’ films, always will be in the safe zone by selling the film for hefty amounts by using heroes craze. Irrespective of film’s result, they will get a break even with the pre-release business itself.

If the film is hit, then they will get extra profits otherwise no issues, but the poor distributors and Exhibitors are the only ones who suffer huge losses. Last year released Super Star Mahesh Babu’s ‘Spyder’ and two days back released Power Star Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Agnyathavaasi’ is the best example to show that the film results only affect distributors & exhibitors, not the producers.

It is known fact that ‘Spyder’ and ‘Agnyathavaasi’ pre-release business made the producers in a safe zone and the film’s negative results thrown distributors and exhibitors into huge losses.

Recently the news has come that Telugu Distributors association demanded ‘Spyder’ movie hero Mahesh Babu and director AR Murgadoss to pay back Rs.6 crores each from their remunerations, receptively. Buzz is that Mahesh Babu gave back nearly Rs.5 Crore as refunds.

Now the latest buzz is that Telugu Distributors association is planning to follow the same strategy for Pawan Kalyan’s ‘Agnyathavaasi’ too. According to film Nagar buzz, Telugu Distributor association is planning to demand a refund from hero Pawan Kalyan and director Trivikram. Sources say that Pawan took around Rs.40 cr remuneration for ‘Agnyaathavaasi’. Let us wait and see will Pawan and Trivikram refund even some amounts form their remuneration and save poor exhibitors or not!!

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