Viswasam Tamil Live Review

Last updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 12:36 pm

Live Rating: 2.0/5.0

The first half of the film runs in village backdrop with limited comedy. The second half totally runs on a single point of saving Ajith Daughter from Jagapathi Babu and his gang. Overall the film is strictly for Ajith fans other audience can easily skip.

12.15 AM IST: Climax fight between Ajith and Jagapathi Babu. Ajiths daughter wins the race and bags the trophy with a Happy ending.

12.10 AM IST: One more attack, Ajith Gets Hurt and admitted in a hospital. sentimental scenes going on

12.00 PM IST: Time for a high voltage action sequence.

11.55 AM IST: Plot behind Jagapathi babu attacking Ajiths daughter is revealed now.

11.45 AM IST: Ajith finally trace out Jagapathi Babu as the culprit

11.40 AM IST: Ajith is Trying to trace out who is behind the attacks

11.35 AM IST: One more Attack on Ajith daughter he saves her

11.25 AM IST: Ajith and his daughter getting closer Time for “Kannaana Kanney” song.

11.20 AM IST: Comedian Vivek entry and he is trying to do comedy. kovai Sarala entry as a servant

11.15 AM IST: Ajith is appointed as a bodyguard for his daughter by Nayanatara. But, on a condition, that Ajith should protect their child, as a bodyguard with payment from Nayantara, but, not in the capacity of the child’s father,

Movie is a normal story with a village backdrop. Up to now, only a couple of fights which entertains Ajith fans let us wait and see how second half will go on

11.05 AM IST: Jagapathi Babus Entry as a villain and the First half ends.

11.00 AM IST: Attack on Ajith daughter and he saves her, but she doesn’t aware that he is the father

10.55 AM IST: Attack on Ajith in this fight, The child gets injured. After this, Nayanatara gets separated.

10.45 AM IST: Film shifted to flashback again and now its Time for “VaaneyVaaney” song. And they Both got married. Now Nayanatara gives birth to a Girl baby.

10.40 AM IST: Movie shifted to present Ajith Arrives in Mumbai and met Nayanatara seems like they got separated

10.35 AM IST: Nayanatara express her love and proposes here wish to marry Ajith

10.25 AM IST: Ajith and Nayanthara are getting closer. Time for “Danga Danga” song.

10.20 AM IST: Time for “Thalle Thillaaley” song, it is just an average song

10.15 AM IST: A gang warned Nayanthara to shut down her medical camp and with Ajith entry, the gang runs away…

10.10 AM IST: Nayanatara files a case against Ajith. Whole village comes in support of Ajith and attacks the Police station

10.05 AM IST: Nayanatara Entry As Doctor and she is from a rich family

10.00 AM IST: After a while, with few sentimental Scenes, the Movie shifted to a flashback and its Time for the first song ‘Vettikattu’ which is massy one

9.55 AM IST: Heated discussion between two gangs Ajith entry. Hall is full of whistles and claps.

9.50 AM IST: Movie started Titles Rolling with Village backdrop

Super hit combo Thala Ajith and Director Siva who delivered tremendous hits has once again joined hands for  Viswasam. here are the live updates from USA Premier show

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