After Public Backlash, Tharun Bhascker Out of Social Media

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Tharun Bhascker’s rants over the Review Writers have invited a lot of flak not only from the web media but also from the normal audience. Even normal junta opined that success has gone into his head and he is going overboard. The young director who has been quite active on Facebook from the past couple of years and now with Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi receiving mixed reviews decided to stay away from social media. He deleted his Instagram account as well. Tharun Bhascker was probably expecting support from the industry folks and the normal audience but it is not the case.
For those who are new to this issue, in an Instagram post, he opined that those who write reviews have zero knowledge on various aspects involved in filmmaking and even went on to suggest that a review should be given by a person who has at least done a film appreciation course. He called the reviewers who wrote negative as horrible and unqualified. Interestingly it was the same web media which has shouldered his debut movie, Pellichoopulu and ensured that it got maximum publicity. We can only hope that the young director will come out with flying colours with his next project.

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