That’s A Great Advice From Nagarjuna

Manmadhudu 2’s Failure is a big nightmare for the director and Nagarjuna as well. The film which was released under huge expectations tanked near the box office. It has even failed to recover 30 percent of investment in many areas.

Director Rahul Ravindran who helmed megaphone for this project took nearly 5 months to step out of home and face the world. Rahul Ravindran himself revealed this news in recent chitchat. He also said that Nagarjuna is the one who is with him during the failure and guide him. He said “Nagarjuna sir is very positive about the result, but then felt that sometimes audiences will reject films that way. But then, he advised me, ‘Don’t let one Friday destroy you and spoil your career. Fight back and come back strongly.”