The demand of South Films in Bollywood

In recent times B-town is becoming crazy about Tollywood films. After acquiring gigantic success with ‘Baahubali’ series Bollywood producers, directors and heroes are looking towards South, especially Telugu Cinema for good stories.

T-town films are getting a positive result in Bollywood, North (Hindi Speaking) audiences are impressing with Telugu dubbed films in Hindi. Interestingly, even the films which got a negative result in South are also getting a positive result in North and turning out as money minters for Bollywood producers.

For example Young hero Naga Shourya’s Narthanasala failed to impress Tollywood audience but the film producers sold this film Hindi dubbed version for good amounts by adding a single film, fascinatingly the film turned out a hit in Bollywood. Like this many films which failed in South are getting a good response in North.

Most of the top producers in Bollywood are coming forward to get the dubbed versions for good amounts. In meanwhile Telugu producers also have plans cash this trend by selling the Satellite and dubbing rights for huge amounts. It is a good sign to Tollywood, even flop film is making money to producers!!! Watch this space for more updates.