Three Minutes Missing from Tamil NOTA

The Regional Censor Board in Hyderabad had finally cleared the Censor formalities of Vijay Deverakonda’s NOTA the other day. The Board has awarded UA certificate for the film with some cuts. The censor was delayed as some dialogues used in the film will have an impact on political parties in Telangana which is heading for assembly polls soon. Hence, the censor board raised some objections and the team has agreed to make the changes.

The Run Time of the Telugu Version has arrived at 149 Minutes 40 Seconds while the Tamil Version was just 146 Minutes 41 Seconds long. You usually expect Telugu version to be shorter than the Tamil Version due to the cuts. Interestingly, the Tamil version of the film got U certificate with no cuts. But it is the other way. The movie is all set for a grand release on 5th. It will be a simultaneous release in Telugu and Tamil. As much as 24 Crores are riding on the film and this is the Highest Pre-Release Value for Vijay’s films. Except for Overseas, NOTA is own release by Studio Green through noted distributors in all the areas. Vijay himself is a partner in the movie.