Tiger storyline out

Sundeep Kishen, Rahul Ravindran,Seerath Kapoor’s Tiger directed by VI.Anand is readying for grand release on June 26. Prior to the film release, Tiger secrets are out in the following manner. As per the Film Nagar buzz, Sundeep Kishen and Rahul Ravindran grow up to become best friends since their childhood at an orphanage.

Both join same college and one fine day Rahul Ravindran comesout with his fantasy love story with a girl named Ganga (Seerat kapoor) from Kashi. Later he will be surprised to find girl with the same name and from same place join his college. Both after initial misunderstandings fall in love.

Sundeep tries to divide them as he was under the misconception that Rahul Ravindran falling in love will make him lose his friendship.  After failing to separate lovers,Sundeep returns to Rajamundry following clash with his friend. One day he gets call from Rahul’s number and a doctor informs him that Rahul met with a bike accident and was in unconscious state.

Sundeep comes to know that Seerath kapoor’s father sent goons who attacked his friend. Realising their love Sundeep goes to Kashi and fights with Seerath’s faction ridden family members to unite Rahul with his lover Seerath.

Sudeep’s previous films failed to attract movie lovers and let us see whether Tiger’s storyline is similar and he scores a thumping hit at the box office.