Title Rejected For RGV’s Biopic

Ram Gopal Varma will always enjoy poking others. A few weeks back, the star director made some comments on lyricist Jonnavithula on social media and TV channels also. Jonnavithula, who got irked with the comments has announced that he will make a film based on the life of Ram Gopal Varma. With this film, Jonnavithula is going to expose the secrets that are not known to the common public.

Now the proposed RGV’s biopic has found itself in a new controversy. Going into the news, Jonnavithula has titled this film as ‘A Psycho Biopic.’ When Jonnavithula approached the Film chamber to register the Title, they denied granting the Title for the project. The film chamber asked Jonnavithula to get an NOC from RGV. Let us wait and see what Jonnavithula will be going to do.