To whom “Endhiran/Robot” story belongs to.

To whom “Endhiran/Robot” story belongs to.

In present days, most of the films are facing the story controversies after it became a super hit at the box-office.  Now, its turn for Shankar’s recent release trilingual film “Robot/ Endhiran”, it’s running to packed houses and has already made good its investment.

Coming into the news, two writers have each filed petitions at the Police Commissioner’s office, Chennai that Shankar had stolen their story.

Two days back, poet/writer Arur Thamizhnadan filed a complaint that the story of “Robot/Endhiran” belongs to him and Shankar had stolen it and made it into a film, so he as well as producer ‘Sun Pictures’ must be penalized.

Now, writer Arnika Nasser has claimed that “Robot/Endhiran” story is his and he has also filed a complaint at the Police Commissioner’s office. 

He written in his petition that, “For the past 25 years, I have been writing short stories and my science novels have been published. In 1995, I wrote ‘Robot Thozhirchaali’ and it was released by Kumudam Publications. It was featured in Malaimathi magazine on July 13, 1995. Recently, many who had read my book informed me that a major part of “Robot/Endhiran” was copied from my story. I watched the film and was shocked to see that many of the important scenes from the film were copied from by story.

According to copyright, I am the owner of my story and for them to have used it without my permission, has caused me several crores in loss of my copyright. So, the copyright panel must take action against those who have infringed on my story copyright.”

Let us wait few more days to known “Robot/Endhiran” story belongs to whom?

To whom “Endhiran/Robot” story belongs to.
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