Today is Black Day for South Film Industry

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We all aware of this news the entire Cinema theatres in the South States are shutting down from Today. The producers from their respective states announced that they will not release any movies until the issue with Digital Service Providers is sorted out.

Yesterday, the Telugu film Chamber members arranged a Press meet and announced that they will not give any film content to any of Digital services provider like Qube, UFO etc until the current VPF (Virtual Print Fees) reduces. While addressing the media Suresh Babu clearly said that producers are asking only three major demands from Digital Service providers (DSP’s).

One, reduce VPF cost to big budget films and then for small films VPF cost should be zero as like English films. Currently, DSP’s are not charging any VPF for English films they are only collecting VPF for regional films. In entire world VPF is zero for all Hollywood films, DSP’s are charging only regional films so we (Producers) demand to make the VPF to zero.

The second major issue is not to screen advertisements in theatres. And final demand is to screen all yet to release movie trailers in theatres without any charge. He also announced that this theatre bandh will stop when we get a positive response from DSP’s.

Due to above issues, the theatre strike started from today, it seems to this the first Friday in entire south film industry without any film releases. Today turned as a black day for entire South Film Industry. Let us hope that this theatre strike will end soon.

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